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  • I have used the Teddy Needs a Bath bag for a couple of months and I just love knowing that all of my son's toys are clean in one go. Super simple and easy. Now he has clean toys all the time. The bag is super easy to store and it is very high quality, it still looks new after so many washes. Thank you Teddy Needs a Bath for an amazing product.


  • What a great invention. I have been using this for a few weeks, and can't believe how clean my daughter's stuffed animals get, compared to my hand washing them. And, the stuffing stays in place. Now, i don't have to sneak bears I couldn't get cleaned in the trash while my daughter sleeps. Great for small and oversized stuffed animals. And, the zipper closure prevents the bears from falling out during the wash and dry cycles.


  • I used this to wash a vintage stuffed animal that I purchased used. The stuffed animal was expensive and VERY dingy. I was worried that I would damage the stuffed animal by putting him in the washer/dryer. But clearly, surface washing was not going to get the job done. So, I purchased this "Teddy Needs a Bath" Bag and tossed him in the washer on the regular cycle (as I live in an apartment with a washer/dryer without a gentle cycle) and the dryer on regular heat. He came out good as new without any damage whatsoever and that's on...