Here's 4 reasons why Teddy Needs a Bath! should be in your home.

#1 Health ~ We are Pediatrician Recommended (see study below)

The National Allergy Association recommends washing your child's/pet's stuffed toys once a month to prevent the spread of germs and dust mites. Studies have been done to show that washing a stuffed toy in hot water and then drying it in hot air effectively kills harmful bacteria and dust mites. Studies have also shown that exposing your children to dust mites at an early age can cause the onset of Asthma. Households have been over-looking stuffed animals when cleaning their homes and nurseries for centuries. Teddy Needs a Bath! aims to bring awareness to the importance of germ and dust free stuffed toys!

#2 It's the Best Way to Clean Plush

There are many DIY ways of attempting to clean plush- but all of them can leave you with a damaged toy! The most frequent comparison we get is using a mesh delicate's bag for washing and drying plush. Mesh bags are NOT suitable for washing anything with faux fur like plush toys. The fur and other delicate details are not protected by mesh as they poke out and get badly matted in the process. Also the polyester and sometime plastic fibers in mesh bags do not help in making plush fluffy in the dryer. Our durable cotton canvas material poofs up the toys so they are even fluffier than new!

#3 The Environment

Now, more than ever, we are all aware of the negative effects we are having on this planet. Teddy Needs a Bath! is a great way to reduce the amount of toys being thrown out, facilitate the idea of reusing the toys we have, or washing them and recycling to a new owner. What a great way to give back to a person in need and the environment all at the same time :)

#4 Save Money

In the past, it may have seemed easier to just discard a dirty stuffed toy and replace it with a new one. But in these times of over-spending we have learned how to cut back on unnecessary purchases. Teddy Needs a Bath! makes toys look, feel and smell brand new, eliminating the need for new toys.


We even had the teddies tested! 

Lab results show 99.99% of germs removed!


Dr. Benjamin Tanner says...

"Studies show that frequently touched objects spread colds and other infections within households; children’s toys are no exception. The Teddy Needs a Bath device helps in the fight against germs by protecting stuffed animals during the wash/dry cycles, so they can be cleaned more often."


Teddy Needs a Bath! was tested by Dr. Tanner’s lab and passed with 99.99% germ removal from toys washed and dried on gentle cycles.