How to Use

Please read before using Teddy Needs a Bath!

Step 1:

Put teddy and his friends into bag, zip them closed and tuck zipper behind the elastic band.

Step 2:

Place bag into washing machine with or without other laundry.

Step 3:

Add detergent to your machine as usual. (It is not necessary to use gentle detergent, unless your family requires this.) Wash on a delicate cycle with warm water*.

Step 4:

Once the wash cycle is done move the bag straight to the dryer. Tumble dry on LOW*. Optional- add one dryer sheet INSIDE the bag before putting into dryer.

Step 5:

It is sometimes necessary to do a second LOW heat* or tumble dry cycle to fully dry the toys.

*WARNING: if you use hot water and/or high heat you run the risk of damaging the plush inside the bag.