"Grandfathers like Teddy Needs a Bath, Too!" ~Alvin Farmer (Atlantic Beach, FL)

January 04, 2013

"I waited to send my review because I really wanted to put it to the test. As the World's Greatest Grandfather it is my duty to report on great products and pass it on when it is something this good. I love the ability to be able to wash the larger stuffed animals or several of the smaller ones at the same time. Once I got the grand kids friends all cleaned up I pulled out my very own cherished friend named My Bear. I had tested it out on everything I could think to wash in it and had total confidence it would not hurt the bear my daughter gave to me over 15 years ago. He looks brand new again! Parents, this is exactly what you have been looking for to keep stuffed animals clean and safe for your kids. I won mine during a promotion to get them out so people would try them. It's definitely something that I will buy as a baby gift for any new parent. SHOWER GIFT!!!"


review from BabiesRUs.com